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Sagas & Seascapes - Artwork & Branding

A commissioned series of paintings exploring norse stories, landscapes / soundscapes and history.


The works respond to a series of contemporary classical compositions: all centred around connections between stories from the North Atlantic, drawing on the shared culture and history between Scotland, the North Atlantic, and Nordic countries. 

In July 2021 three composers - Gemma McGregor, Lillie Harris and Linda Buckley - film maker Craig Sinclair, organiser Katherine Wren and myself embarked upon a research trip to Orkney. The trip was filmed as a documentary. Here we shared stories of our connections to Orkney and the sites we visited, gathering research from the landscape. Our experience is captured through video concert and interviews, overlaid with landscape shots and moments in the studio creating paintings. 

The documentary/concert is available to watch via YouTube below. You can also read more about this project and collaboration in the notes section on my website, and following interview below.

To support the artwork, I designed the branding, logo, website design and graphics for the concerts and project, which showcased live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022.

This collaboration was hosted by Orkney International Science Festival, and kindly made possible:

funded by Creative Scotland, PRS Foundation and Scotland's Year of Coast and Waters.

Project run by Nordic Viola:

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