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Northern Edgelands - Solo Show

Northern Edgelands has been inspired by many camping and walking trips along the north west mainland of Scotland and Orkney Isles. Two years in the making, works span across paper, canvas, textiles and wood, documenting the landscapes, seascapes, experiences and stories learnt along the way.

This series is informed by slow travel, which gives time to observe and record shapes, lines, textures, sounds and colours through audio recordings, sketchbooks, photos and plein-air paintings. The associated memories and wide body of research was taken back to the studio to be explored and abstracted into loose marks, bright colours and a growing collection of returning motifs relating to the coastal landscape.


The work celebrates Orla’s love for coastal paths, seascapes and edge lands - the spaces in between, where the land and water meet.

For more information on the works, please read my notes page:

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