The Trossachs Collection is a personal exploration into the notion of home. Home involves an interaction between nature, community and warm human contact. To achieve this, the Trossachs Collection creates a conversation between Scotland's traditional past, and the landscape's contemporary present. Through an exploration and personal connection to her home environment, Orla aims to translate the environmental experience into textile designs and paintings. With a focus on colour, texture and tactility, this collection encourages similar experiences of emotions and connections for the user.  Inspired by local folklore, history, music and landscape of the Trossachs National Park, these influences intertwine and result in this collection of paintings, and printed and embroidered blankets.

Trossachs blankets represent metaphorical nomadic homes: Encasing the user in their very own transportable textile home, which may be taken anywhere. When wrapped in a Trossachs blanket, you are immersed in your own sense of place, of home, wherever you may go. 



This collection of paintings on paper and canvas explore the Trossachs National Park landscape, developing out from Orla's graduate collection of Textiles; 'Trossachs Textiles'.

Created in late 2018 - 2019, this body of work is a free exploration of painting in mixed media, created after the completion of Orla's textiles degree in 2018. 

Inspired by many explorations on foot, bike or boat through her home landscape. 

A selection of these works are available to purchase through the online shop. 



Healing Stones Blanket - Killin
Tree Silhouettes Blanket - Balquhidder
Rock and River Blanket - Killin
Ripple and Reeds Blanket - Balquhidder
Rhythmic Sound Blanket - Music as Home
Layered Landscape Blanket - Killin
Shoreline Grasses Blanket - Balquidder
Blessed Stones Blanket - Killin
Loch Voil Blanket - Balquhidder
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