Growing up in an arts loving family, traditional music has been a very influential aspect of my childhood, and my associated memories of home, within a musical communal activity and sharing.

To represent this association, I have turned to the tradition of waulking songs for influence. 

Waulking Songs are historically linked with the textile industry, created by communities that would sit together to waulk (beat) the tweed - an essential process stage. Songs were created by the people as they waulked the tweed to the rhythms of these repetitious actions, to help pass the time. These songs ended up being a great archive; recording local events, gossips and stories of the community. In this way stories, music, rhythmic patterns and fabrics have been intertwined within Scottish culture, forming historic connections between people, place, materials and music: resulting in the culmination of a conceptual Home.

D R A W I N G + R E S E A R C H





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