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Why I Create

Having spent most childhood holidays and weekends up hills or camping in tents along Scotland's north west coast, I suppose it was inevitable that nature would play an incredibly influential role in my life. Spending time immersed in nature is what connects me to myself, to the world and others in it, and is where I believe a childhood sense of exploration, joy, care and wonder can be found, no matter a persons age.


While studying at design school, I discovered painting and instantly fell in love with how the process made me feel. In it, I saw it's potential to communicate the experience of play, wonder and joy with others, and tie all that I love most together: being outside, painting, and sharing and encouraging others to find a space for exploration in their everyday too.  

Artist Statement

Orla Stevens explores emotion and captures how places feel, through a celebration of colour, texture and positivity. The artist draws from nature, memories and sensory experiences, to explore our interconnectedness with the natural world. 


Through paint, Orla maps memories and experiences of adventures outdoors, both large and small. Sounds inform Orla's mark making, documented through field recordings and sketches on walks in landscape, and often finds her collaborating with musicians to explore this audio-visual conversation. 


A firm believer in the importance of accessibility across art and access to the outdoors, Orla hopes her work through painting, teaching and illustration encourages more ways of noticing, celebrating and protecting our natural spaces.

Orla holds a BA with Honours from Edinburgh College of Art in Screen Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design.

Orla has brought nature connection through art to brands & organisations like Hendrick's Gin, National Galleries of Scotland, the National Health Service, Fib Whisky and more,

Learn more

Patreon - Through 'The Outdoor Sketchbook Collective' I run a global online learning community for people interested in learning to paint, connect with others and be inspired by nature and landscapes. 

Substack - A monthly-ish free blog post, delivered as a newsletter straight to your inbox. Here I write about creative practice, painting trips outdoors, and nature journalling. 

Youtube - I share two monthly videos, inviting you in to my studio to document my creative process and projects, and to share reflections on artistic practices. 


Orla's work looks to connect people to nature: Inspired by the importance of creative play, exploration and positivity that both her creative process and being in the outdoors share. 

Design & Illustration Services

As a freelance designer, I love to collaborate with brands, organisations and individuals to tell meaningful stories that make a difference.

With a personal interest in teaching and facilitation, I love using design and illustration for educational contexts that bring people and place closer together. You can find me working on: 

Print & Pattern Design 


Packaging Design 


Live / graphic scribing - in person & online

Map Design & Wayfinding

Album Design


Public Art Installation

Teaching & Course Design 


Commissioned Paintings

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