Orla Stevens is a Scottish Artist working with painting and textiles.

Orla Stevens creates paintings and textiles that respond to multi sensory experience of place. Translating emotional and physical - visual and aural - perceptions of Scottish landscape and Soundscape into colours textures and marks. These works document the experience and connection to her native wild landscape: celebrating and recording the interconnected relationship of mind, body and environment. Through print, hand painting and embroidery Orla carries these influences to contemporary craft contexts. 

To accompany her art practice, Orla creates small batches of hand painted textile products made using repurposed textiles. Please email if you would like to stock or purchase any of these products. 


Additionally, Orla runs expressive painting / drawing / screen print workshops for public events, and private classes from her studio in Callander. Workshops are also available through Print Clan Glasgow's open access textile printing studio. If you would like to attend or host a workshop, please do get in touch!

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