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Join my lovely community on Patreon!

Here I share workbooks, walk throughs, pre-recorded tutorials and hold monthly community meet-ups, exploring the world of self expression, abstract landscape and nature through painting.

This content is available exclusively for the Outdoor Sketchbook Collective on Patreon, for a global community of art and nature lovers. The content here dives deeper into creative practice, and is focused on expression, experimentation, and finding your own creative voice. There's a variety of options available through tiers, so you can choose the best learning style for you. If you'd like to get a feel for my teaching style and approach, check out my free content on youtube.



What is patreon?

Patreon in an online learning and community space. Here you can support and learn from the creators that you follow, getting behind the scenes access, exclusive workshops, online meet-up's and a community of likeminded folk.

Who are workshops suitable for?

Workshops are perfect for all ages & stages of artist - from your first time using a paintbrush, to professionals looking to re-energise their practice. 

Please check individual workshop listings for age requirements - occasionally workshops are 16+ so that I can best serve the groups. 


What is your approach to teaching?

All workshops are designed to make space for play, experimentation and fun. There are no right or wrongs in the classes!

I aim to share some of my favourite processes and techniques to ignite ideas, so that you can develop your own unique voice through mixed media painting. 

What are the aims of the workshops & tutorials?

To loosen up, explore new ideas and freely express and interpret nature and landscape, and our experiences outside. 

What formats do workshops come in?

I offer classes digitally and in person. Live workshops can be held inside or outside. Pre-recorded digital workshops and workbooks are available through my Patreon, The Outdoor Sketchbook Collective.

Are you available to teach privately?

I'm available to run private workshops for individuals, groups and public events, for all ages - please get in touch at os@orlastevens to discuss. 

How can I hear about upcoming workshops?

Please subscribe to the Newsletter for occasional updates on in-person events and workshops. 

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