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In Conversation : Katherine Wren

One very cold day late last year musician Katherine Wren, film maker Craig Sinclair & myself met at Loch Venachar to chat about the 'Sagas and Seascapes' collaboration, organised by Katherine of Nordic Viola.

The video below is a result of our day spent at the loch side. In it I talk about the importance of accessible nature, my local landscape of the Trossachs National Park, and the influence of music, Orcadian landscape and collaboration on my practice.

You can read all about this collaboration between contemporary music, visual art and landscape through this recent interview with Frontiers Magazine here, through Katherine's blog or in my previous blog posts.

Orla Stevens on producing art for Sagas and Seascapes with Nordic Viola

Throughout the winter Katherine and myself have been braving swims in the Loch where the film above was sited. Clad in wetsuits, boots and swim gloves, these dips in the loch have been a great way to meet, discuss creative ideas and plan for future collaborations. They've turned into a fantastic way to get through the winters low light. The reflecting light on the loch has some kind of mood boosting quality I swear - and always leaves me feeling creatively recharged, ready to draw and paint again.

Below I've shared images & a brand new painting resulting from a particularly magical swim. You can watch this process behind this painting through my latest reel over on instagram.

Linger II - original mixed media painting on canvas

Wild Swimming, Loch Venachar

I'm excited to say that there will be a collaborative workshop coming soon - based in Central Scotland, led by myself and Katherine. The workshop is currently being written - but will explore landscape, drawing and music. If you've found our multidisciplinary project intriguing and would like to give this multi-sensory process a go, stay tuned for more info!

Due to run across one day in early March. No musical or artistic experience required.

Collecting Colours from landscape and soundscape


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