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Releasing New Originals on Paper

Releasing new mixed media originals on paper in response to walking and landscape.

Over the last few months I’ve been developing a collection of small sketches on paper. They started as a way to quickly explore colour and compositional ideas, led by stories, conversations and memories related to spending time outside. Using words to prompt visuals has been a lovely exercise in opening up more abstract ways of thinking, and tuning into how colours and textures interact - to really push my understanding and control over use of colour, and to build strength in creating atmosphere, using colour as the driver.

Sketches building in the studio

Created from words jotted down in my journal, these pieces dive into personal moments and experiences gathered from landscape and walking.

Painting Prompts

These sketches on A5 paper will be available for sale through my website for £45 + p&p. They will be available privately to my newsletter subscribers at the end of January, and then public for all from the start of February. If you'd like early access, you can sign up to my newsletter here.

Walking on the Isle of Skye

I’ve absolutely loved working on these little pieces; It’s been a challenge to explore my marks on a smaller scale. At the same time, it’s been a very freeing to quickly explore concepts and ideas; and I’m really looking forward to continuing this practice into this year. Collectively, these works act almost as a diary, diving into my ways of seeing and engaging with the world and outdoors around me; which I’m always looking for new ways to share with you. I hope these pieces act as mementos from your own experiences, encouragements to see new things, spend some time outside, or have a little adventure in your day, whatever that means for you.



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