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Hendrick's Gin x Scottish Curling Championships

Artwork in collaboration with Hendrick's Gin for the Scottish Curling Championships 2024. 

For this project, I designed artwork for the ice, found in the houses, hog lines and centre of the rink. This unusual project was brought together for the sponsorship of the curling championships, and to highlight the connections that tie Hendrick's Gin and the history of Scottish curling together. 

Each of the 4 illustrations are inspired by a different stage in the journey from Hendrick’s Gin Palace to the Isle of Ailsa Craig, where the granite for curling stones are quarried. Watch the short film which captures the process of the project here or below.

The first artwork takes inspiration from the Gin Palace itself; the architecture, the land and big skies of the coast.

Within the Gin Palace are two magical glass houses, which are home to hundreds of species of plants and botanicals, which form Hendrick’s Gin’s signature flavours. All of these shapes and textures inspired the second artwork you’ll spot on the rink!

This third artwork follows the granite sailing back to land, to be shaped and formed into final curling stones. I’m always intrigued by how things are made, so I took inspiration from the processes that the granite goes through, to reach its final form too.

Last but not least, this final house is a homage to the sea, underwater world and marine life that ties the coast line together, using drawings from snorkelling trips around Scotland to inform the artwork.



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